No, not all services offered by Kaleido Health will be free of charge.

Our payment structures will be carefully balanced to try and offer as many services as we can free of charge, but there will be a payment for the majority of our primary care services. Through our in-reach specialist support, we are also striving to make specialist services as freely available as we can to our patients.

We know that operating a strong and sustainable service in the health sector is not easy and margins are tight. ACON strives to see this service succeed into the future, while also being very mindful of how cost of health care presents barriers for our communities.

Kaleido Health has a different model to other ACON services which are funded by government grants. This means that Kaleido Health is not taking over or changing the services ACON currently offers free of charge.

In establishing this new service, ACON is seeking to add capacity to provide excellent care for LGBTQ+ people in a community-space, and a service that has independence and strength. That’s why we are positioning Kaleido Health to be attractive to funders, but not necessarily reliant on funding for it to operate. This is a delicate balance, but there is a clear focus on providing affordable access to care for our communities into the future.