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What is Kaleido Health?2024-04-20T14:03:38+00:00

Kaleido Health is a specialised LGBTQ+ health service that will deliver inclusive, person-centred, integrated health care specifically for sexuality and gender diverse people in NSW across a range of health services.

Kaleido Health will provide primary care services alongside specialist services including, mental health, sexual health, gender affirming healthcare, drug health, cancer screening and support, and other services for sexuality and gender diverse people.

Who can attend the Kaleido Health Centre?2024-04-20T14:31:04+00:00

Kaleido Health is specifically designed to be a culturally safe, inclusive and affirming service for sexuality and gender diverse people – including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or queer (LGBTQ+)* – but all people living in NSW are welcome at Kaleido, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity.

*We understand and acknowledge the importance of self-determined identities to those who have fought for and earned them, noting that these identities may sit outside of the LGBTQ+ acronym.

Is Kaleido Health the first community health service of its kind in Australia?2024-04-20T14:31:53+00:00

Yes. While we have excellent examples of LGBTQ+ focused services run by community-controlled health organisations similar to ACON across Australia, to our knowledge no other service offers the same breadth and scale of integrated, multidisciplinary care for LGBTQ+ people as Kaleido Health.

Kaleido Health will offer a mixture of primary care GP and mental health services alongside specialist services in high-need areas of care for our communities. The service will also be integrated with broader NSW health service system, with care pathways across the state. The service is supported by experienced clinical partners such as Sydney Local Health District, St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney, and Central Eastern Sydney PHN.

ACON acknowledges that our model has been greatly influenced by that of Aboriginal Medical Services, an inspiring example of successful, culturally safe, community-controlled health organisations. We are also inspired by longstanding multidisciplinary community-controlled health services in the USA, such as Callen-Lorde, Whitman-Walker and Fenway Health.

Is Kaleido Health being run by ACON?2024-04-22T09:49:45+00:00

Kaleido Health is a separate entity to ACON, with its own CEO and its own Board of Directors. However, there will be a close relationship between ACON and Kaleido Health. Our aim is to ensure Kaleido Health establishes the same strong community connection, values and expertise that our communities expect from ACON.

Why is Kaleido Health needed?2024-04-20T14:33:06+00:00

We know that LGBTQ+ communities experience significant health disparities when compared to the general population in Australia due to a number of systemic and societal factors. Lack of access to sensitive and appropriate care also contributed to poor health outcomes for people of diverse sexualities and genders.

ACON has engaged for a long time in advocacy and education efforts to build an understanding of our communities needs. In our 40 year history, we’ve learned a lot about the health needs of LGBTQ+ people, and the barriers that stop them receiving the care they need. We’ve also learned a lot from the clinical services we have been delivering over the past 10 years, alongside some dedicated leaders in the NSW Health system.

With Kaleido Health, we have applied our understanding of our communities and of our health system to build a new service that we think will make a big difference in NSW. We know that integrated care – that is specialists working alongside GPs and with links to the broader health system – delivered in a community setting and with a community heart is something that communities want. We also know we need to add capacity to the system – not compete with those already doing great work.

Kaleido Health will help to improve the provision of health care to LGBTQ+ people across NSW, help increase the knowledge and capacity of health service professionals across NSW, and contribute to improved health and resilience of sexuality and gender diverse communities.

Is Kaleido Health an 18+ health service only?2024-04-20T14:33:56+00:00

No, Kaleido Health services are for people of all ages, including young people and those under 18.

Some clinics or services may be for specific age groups only (e.g. youth clinics, 18+ services) but this will be highlighted in the service description when you go to book.

Kaleido Health uses LGBTQ+ to describe the communities it serves. What about intersex people?2024-04-20T14:40:33+00:00

Kaleido Health is specifically designed as a service for sexuality and gender diverse people, but all people living in NSW are welcome to access their care at Kaleido Health – including intersex people.

Kaleido Health recognises that intersex people share some similarities but also many differences with LGBTQ+ people in terms of their rights and health care needs and experiences. We acknowledge that many intersex people share with LGBTQ+ people experiences of stigma and discrimination, and Kaleido Health aims to provide trauma-informed, inclusive, non-judgemental and person centred services for everyone.

ACON is proud to affirm the Darlington Statement and stand alongside intersex people as allies, affirming their right to self-determination and supporting the work of peer-led intersex networks such as Intersex Peer Support Australia (IPSA) and Intersex Human Rights Australia (IHRA). Kaleido Health shares these values and principles, including the importance of peer leadership.

Kaleido Health respects the intersex human rights movement and will seek to support this movement without tokenism or co-opting the issues intersex people experience as a means for other ends.

What services will Kaleido Health Centre provide?2024-04-20T14:40:45+00:00

Kaleido will provide a range of LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming primary care and specialist services.

Our primary care services will include:

  • General Practice (GP) Medicine
  • Gender affirming care
  • Sexual Health, including Cervical Screening and Sexual Health Clinic for people with a cervix and a PrEP and PEP Clinic
  • Psychology & Counselling
  • Nursing Care
  • Lived Experience Peer Support Services in areas such as mental health, sexual health and trans and gender diverse health
  • Onsite Pathology services

Kaleido will also partner with other healthcare providers to offer a range of integrated in-reach specialist and allied health services at the centre, tailored to meet the unique needs of LGBTQ+ people.

Specialist services will include:

  • Gender affirming care
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Child, Family and Youth Health
  • Drug Health
  • Cancer Screening & Support

Please note services may change over time and not every service will be available immediately upon opening.


Do I need to see a Kaleido Health GP to access the centre’s other services?2024-04-20T14:44:13+00:00

No, you can self-refer to many of our specialist and allied health services, or your existing GP can refer you directly to any of our clinicians.

Alternatively, you are welcome to book an appointment to see a Kaleido Health GP for a specific health concern (e.g. STI testing) while keeping your usual GP.

Do I need to book appointments or can I walk-in?2024-04-20T14:45:42+00:00

Bookings are required for most of our services unless otherwise advertised as a special walk-in clinic.

Will all Kaleido Health services be free?2024-04-20T14:47:53+00:00

No, not all services offered by Kaleido Health will be free of charge.

Our payment structures will be carefully balanced to try and offer as many services as we can free of charge, but there will be a payment for the majority of our primary care services. Through our in-reach specialist support, we are also striving to make specialist services as freely available as we can to our patients.

We know that operating a strong and sustainable service in the health sector is not easy and margins are tight. ACON strives to see this service succeed into the future, while also being very mindful of how cost of health care presents barriers for our communities.

Kaleido Health has a different model to other ACON services which are funded by government grants. This means that Kaleido Health is not taking over or changing the services ACON currently offers free of charge.

In establishing this new service, ACON is seeking to add capacity to provide excellent care for LGBTQ+ people in a community-space, and a service that has independence and strength. That’s why we are positioning Kaleido Health to be attractive to funders, but not necessarily reliant on funding for it to operate. This is a delicate balance, but there is a clear focus on providing affordable access to care for our communities into the future.

Is bulk-billing available at Kaleido Health Centre?2024-04-20T14:48:45+00:00

Kaleido Health is a mixed-billing service.

Most of our GP and mental health services will require the payment of a gap fee (i.e. you will need to pay the difference between the Medicare rebate available for your service and the service cost).

Some services may require private billing (full fee payment) if you don’t have a valid referral or management plan, or are not eligible for Medicare.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, talk with us before your appointment about your eligibility for discounted or bulk-billed rates.

Most of our peer support, nursing, and in-reach services will be free of charge (but please note these may be subject to eligibility, depending on the service).

Can I use my private health fund at Kaleido Health?2024-04-20T14:49:16+00:00

Yes, for most of our fee-for-service allied health and specialist service providers (depending on your coverage).

Is the service confidential? Will any of my information be shared?2024-04-20T14:50:22+00:00

Kaleido Health adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality and health information security. Your information will only ever be shared with other healthcare providers when clinically relevant and only after gaining your consent.

I’m an existing ACON client. Will my information be shared with Kaleido Health?2024-04-20T14:51:01+00:00

No, Kaleido is a separate service to ACON’s other services with different records. Your information will only ever be shared with your express consent when it is relevant to your care.

Where is Kaleido Health Centre located?2024-04-20T14:52:09+00:00

You can find us in the Belltower building at 2 Cornwallis Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015, on Gadigal land.

How do I get to Kaleido Health Centre?2024-04-20T14:53:39+00:00

By Train – Kaleido Health Centre is located 150 metres from the Redfern Train station. The best exit from Redfern station is Marian Street – from there, exit and head south toward Cornwallis Street. There is an outdoor accessible ramp and elevator terminating at the main entrance to Kaleido.

By Bus – The closest bus stop is Redfern Station, Gibbons Street Stand B (200 metres from Kaleido Health Centre) which is serviced by bus routes 308 and 310.

By Road – Kaleido Health Centre is approximately 15 minutes by car from the Sydney CBD. Some on street parking is available in the local area and underground public parking is located at Romeo’s IGA shopping complex adjacent to Kaleido.

Is Kaleido Heath Centre accessible?2024-04-20T14:54:58+00:00

Yes. There is an outdoor accessible ramp and elevator terminating at the main entrance to Kaleido Health Centre.

We are committed to providing inclusive and accessible care for all individuals, regardless of their abilities or background. We value diversity and strive to create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.

Our staff will be trained to support individuals with a range of different abilities, and we will work to accommodate any specific needs that our clients may have. We believe in respecting the dignity and autonomy of all individuals, and we are dedicated to promoting equitable access to healthcare for everyone in our community.

I don’t live in Sydney. How can I access the Kaleido Health Centre?2024-04-20T14:55:57+00:00

All services that are clinically appropriate for delivery online will be available via telehealth for people who can’t physically attend.

Some services that require a physical clinical examination or procedure (e.g. sexual health screening, vaccinations, etc.) will require a face-to-face visit to the centre.

For some GP services, Medicare regulations may require you to visit the centre once in person before commencing telehealth consultations.

When will Kaleido Health Centre open to the public?2024-04-20T15:05:51+00:00

We hope to open our doors in September 2024.

We’ll keep this website up to date with the latest information, but to be notified of any changes please sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media.

When can I start making appointments?2024-04-20T14:58:43+00:00

We will be open for accepting online bookings via HotDoc or telephone shortly before opening.

I’d like to work at Kaleido Health. How do I register my interest?2024-04-20T15:07:14+00:00

Please complete the Register Your Interest form here or sign up to our newsletter below to be notified about upcoming jobs.

We’ll also share announcements about jobs on social media, so follow us to get updates as soon as they’re available.

Can I donate to Kaleido Health?2024-04-20T15:20:50+00:00

Yes. You can make a donation here.

Donations $2 and over are tax-deductible.

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